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Best Tourists Attractions And Things To Do In Helsinki!

Posted by Jurate Giedraityte on

Hello Ladies,

We hope you are having a fantastic summer and have had the opportunity to visit something exciting and gain new experiences. Our Team has visited Helsinki this summer and decided to share with you great things to do there.

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a beautiful city which you should add to your bucket list. There are plenty of things to see and experience in Helsinki. The best part is that no matter the season, Helsinki is full of life and unique experiences.

Experience Finnish Sauna at Löyly

If you are visiting Finland, you must experience the sauna. During your stay in Helsinki, you will find plenty of saunas around. In fact, they are so common that even most of hotels and apartments have one. But for something cooler and more traditional, we recommend visiting Löyly sauna. What makes it so attractive? It is built next to the sea, so when you get too hot in the sauna, just jump into the Baltic sea to cool down.

Sample traditional food

Finland is famous for its traditional cuisine but with an added modern twist. It includes a lot of fish and meat which are accompanied by a variety of mushrooms and potatoes. Also, berries are widely used for sweet and savory meals. Some of the traditional dishes you should try include:

Savusilakka (smoked Baltic herring),

Kalakkuko (a pastry filled with fish),

Mustikkapiirakka (bilberry pie),

Poronkäristys (sauteed reindeer) and more.


While you are in Helsinki, enjoy the delicious Finnish meals at one of the famous restaurants such as Restaurant Kuu, Chef & Sommelier, Passio Kitchen & Bar, Juuri and many more.

Café Regatta

This quirky cafe in Helsinki is quite popular among tourists and locals alike. It is a really cosy place. The outer walls are painted in red, and the interior is very vintage and warm. Regatta cafe is right by the sea so you can enjoy the view while sitting at an outside table. You can also enjoy a fire outside and prepare a small barbecue.


Suomenlinna – and other islands

If you are visiting Helsinki, why not explore a bit further and experience more of Finnish culture? There are many small islands surrounding Helsinki, and you can reach them by ferry. It is simple to travel around the islands, and each of them has something beautiful to offer, from woods to authentic cottages and historical tours. To begin with, we recommend visiting Suomenlinna and Seurasaari.


The National Museum of Finland

For those who love art and culture, we recommend visiting the National Museum of Finland. It extensively showcases Finnish artworks and history, from the stone age to the present day. Even the building itself is a work of art. National Romantic style and frescoes on the ceiling combined with castle and church elements make it stand out.

Helsinki Cathedral

The contrasting green dome above the Helsinki cityscape sure makes this Cathedral to stand out. At night, from the sea, the green dome seems to shine like a beacon.

It is one of the must-see landmarks in Helsinki, so add it to your list.


Temppeliaukio Church

It can be said with confidence that there aren't many churches in the world similar to this one. Temppeliaukio Church is a masterpiece designed by Suomalainen Brothers. The unique design of this church includes a combination of the underground, which forms the interior walls; a circular skylight around the dome, which allows the natural sunlight to reach the main chamber; and a copper dome roof. Truly, a spectacular design.


Sibelius Monument

The Sibelius Monument is made of welded steel with over 600 pipes which resemble organ pipes. On the other side of it is the bust of the world-famous composer - Jean Sibelius. This monument gets a lot of attention from tourists and is one of the most famous statues in Helsinki.

We hope that once you visit Finland, you will find our list useful and even add it to your must-see places. For those who have visited Helsinki before, and found another unique attraction, we would love to hear about it, so that we could include it into our list.


We wish you a lovely August,


Leila & Kameleon Rose Team


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