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BOO! 👀👻 Last Minute Halloween Costume Tips 2019! 🎃👻

Posted by Jurate Giedraityte on

Hi Girls,
For all those busy girls out there, Halloween can be stressful! Having to designate a chunk of time to think of and create a costume is just too much sometimes, especially on top of homework, extracurricular, your job and your social life. So, what do you do if you need a quick costume? Look no further. We have come up with an easy to do list idea to help you with the Halloween costume.

1. Scarecrow :
This one's all about your favourite flannel and some creative makeup. Shouldn't take you much to master it.
2. A zombie :
This one is very simple, use one of your old white Tshirt cut it up and trash it with some fake blood.
3. Red facial contouring and painted fangs are simple to apply with a cheap Halloween makeup kit. This would be perfect with a black dress.
4. Marry Poppins:
Mary Poppins is definitely one supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Halloween costume! Don't forget your umbrella, big bag, and a red tie to make this costume a success.
5. Dark Angel:
A lot of people goes for an angel or the devil for the Halloween, but why not take it one step further and become a dark angel, instead of white wings and a halo, go for black. Black makes you stand out and you can walk around looking like an angel who took a wrong turn in heaven. This is definitely one of our favourite Halloween costume ideas!
6. A witch: This never goes out of style.
You probably have already owned all black outfits, top it off with a hat and some black make-up and you are set to go as a witch for this Halloween. 
7. Cat: This one for the cat lovers :)
Let's have some fun, why not a black cat. Get cat ears, grab your eyeliner to put on some whiskers and a small black nose. You should be all set, no way people will be confusing what you are!
8. Rosie The Riveter:
If you want to show off your feminist side and dress up as an icon! All you need is jeans, a bandanna and a rolled up long sleeved shirt. Put up your hair apply 1940s makeup and you are set to fight for women equality.
9. An Athlete:
No matter what sport you want you can become an Olympic champion for the night! Shouldn't be too difficult to put together the outfit, if not you can always ask one of your athletic friends to lend you their gear.
10. A Cow Girl:
You don’t have to be in the south to be a cowgirl! Take out your flannel shirt, boots and a blue jean for a great look. Add a cowboy hat to finish the costume!
We hope this little tip list would help you with the festival season. Have a wonderful and petrifying Halloween.

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From Kameleon Rose Team

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