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Don’t follow fashion, Make your own style!

Posted by Jurate Giedraityte on

This may sound a bit crazy coming from a clothing brand but that is exactly what we are a clothing brand not a fashion brand!
What’s the difference you say? Fashion brands all follow the same designs in terms of everything they do, have you noticed how H&M, zara, top shop, forever 21 etc all pretty much will offer similar clothing and you will see the same colours in all of the shops at the same time.
Fashion- it’s an industry all of these mega brands are literally told what to make and they all follow the instructions. Colours called pantones are decided 2-4 seasons ahead of time and then all the brands are told them use them.
Customers do not choose we are told almost brainwashed into liking the current trend. Have you ever hated a colour for example yellow but you see it in so many shops after a few weeks you end up buying a yellow top!
The main problem with Fashion is that they change the trends so quickly, H&M will be restocking their shelves as frequently as every 2 weeks with new designs.
So why is this a problem?

  1. It makes us buy seasonally we cannot wear the clothing we bought the next year, we are sick of seeing that colour or print so we just throw our clothing away. On average each person is are throwing away 70 pounds or 32 kg of clothing per year!!

  2. These mega brands have so much waste and dead stock as trends change so quickly and they are throwing so much clothing away each year.

  3. Clothing is made to be disposable, with rubbish fabric and bad workmanship. Low cost is far more important than quality. ‘Fashion’ clothing is produced in terrible factories where often people and the environment are not respected and taken advantage of.

  4. We are having our own creativity taken away, we are brainwashed into wearing the same trend as everyone else and we don’t even know it’s happening to us! Scary!

Check out these images by photographer Ari Vesluis of random people, same fashion at

At  Kameleon Rose we are on a MISSION we are passionate about making our clothing in a fair way respecting people and the environment.
We want to make multiway and durable clothing that can last you season after season.
We make our clothing with high quality fabric and workmanship and reinforce all the stitching so they will last year after year.
With Kameleon Rose clothing you MAKE YOUR OWN STYLE!
That’s what is so awesome to see, you wonderful souls making your own creations.
There have been many more ways found by customers themselves to wear the kameleon! :)  This makes us happy, to just go back to basics when we were a little girl playing dress up and we just used our own imagination!
 Speaking of style here are some of our lovely customers showing us how it’s done!

Please send us in your pictures and video to to enter our competition. CLICK HERE
We would love to know your thoughts on style so please send them in!

Lots of love Leila and the team

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