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Introducing our brand new capsule collection!

Posted by Jurate Giedraityte on

Hi Everyone,

This post is all about the Capsule Wardrobe our new collection for spring 2018 that you can pre-order now.

It’s 6 new items that are all multi functional and together you can make over 100 outfits ! I loved designing these products for you travelling girls so we can travel more and pack less.

 Thanks for inspiring us to design more, so we no longer need to look like safari guides whilst travelling. Let’s be practical but look awesome!

Check it out:

Kameleon Rose - Capsule Wardrobe

The whole idea of a capsule wardrobe is that you can fit a few items into a packing cube and have everything you need for your entire trip, whether that be for going out or active wear.

And the best thing is you can pre order yours now, i will be delivered in spring 2018 just on time.

Let’s show you them one by one.

 The Ultimate Travel Pants

 First let us introduce our award winning design the Ultimate Travel Pants it’s our long awaited sequel. It can be worn as 10 different outfits as pants,a jumpsuit, a long sleeved top and it even becomes a bag ! Some of our long term friends and followers will have previously seen the T-pant. I went back to the drawing board and re designed it to make the Ultimate Travel Pants.

Unique design transforms using an invisible zip and elastic ties.

Quick drying, non creasing, easy to pack and features a secret pocket.

 Ultimate Travel Pants - Kameleon Rose

Ultimate Travel Pants - Kameleon Rose

 2 Way Top

Convertible T –shirt that can be a vest top, transforms using shoulder buttons.

Simple top that works well when travelling, if you over heat or want to catch some rays just button up the sleeves.

Made from soft non creasing fabric

 2 Way Top - Kameleon Rose

 3 Way Short

Convertible shorts that can be worn as 3 lengths.

Long shorts modest for sightseeing or protecting from the sun can be converted to cute shorts for the beach or hiking.

Great high waisting flattering fit to ensure comfortable for sitting and being active.

Fabric is non creasing and quick drying and perfect for travel.

 3 Way Short - Kameleon Rose

4 Way Shirt

Convertible shirt to top with removable sleeves.

Innovative fitted flattering shirt that can be worn as a sleeveless top as sleeves zip off.

Great to wear in the day to protect from the sun and at night as a cute top.

Fabric light weight and quick drying and anti UV

 4 Way Shirt - Kameleon Rose

 4 Way Shirt - Kameleon Rose


5 Way Cardigan

Convertible cardigan that transforms to comfortable hoodie.

Can be worn as 5 ways including waterfall cardigan, hoodie and sweater using buttons.

It’s the ultimate addition to your wardrobe to go from travel, casual and to glamour.

Fabric is soft ripple non creasing and breathable .

 5 Way Cardigan - Kameleon Rose

 5 Way Cardigan - Kameleon Rose


 4 Way Cap

Reversible cap that can be worn as a purse.

Crochet raphia cap that reverses to be a fabric cap and folds to a clutch and handbag.

Leather straps attach to cap.

It’s a beautiful cap that matches any outfit, crochet raphia is non creasing so it is easy to pack.

4 Way Cap - Kameleon Rose



You can buy your capsule wardrobe now and be ready for your next adventure.

Shop Now - Kameleon Rose




Here’s a few outfits you can make from the capsule collection.


 4 Ways Shirt - Kameleon Rose

4 Way Shirt

3 Ways Shorts & Ultimate Travel Dress

 3 Way Shorts & Ultimate Travel Dress

2 Ways Shirts  & 3 Ways Shorts

2 Way Top  & 3 Way Shorts

2 Ways Shirt, 5 Ways Cardigan & The Ultimate Travel Pants

2 Way Top, 5 Way Cardigan & The Ultimate Travel Pants


Thanks for supporting Kameleon Rose and our projects in Madagascar and pre ordering now so we can grow even more !


Lots of love


Leila and the Kameleon Rose team




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