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The 3 Best Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations to Get That Festive Feeling

Posted by Jurate Giedraityte on

Hey Girls,

Christmas may come just once a year, but if you’re a self-confessed travel addict like we are, you intend to make it count!
Although Summer is popular for travel, Winter offers far better deals for flights; Ryanair often feature cut-price deals across the continent for less than the cost of a three course meal. 
As the festive season commences, most places throw a little extra magic into the mix; from yuletide markets with distinctive gifts, to trams decked out in Christmas lights that make serial snapping a must.
With the above in mind, we’ve rounded up 3 of the best budget-friendly destinations to visit this Christmas which provide maximum vibe, for minimal expense. Let’s begin!


 In terms of cultural diversity, Manchester takes some beating. From a glorious, global food scene to cultural attractions aplenty, this Northern star excels at Christmas as well-it’s festive market is the largest in the UK! Despite its incredible size, the market doesn’t compromise on atmosphere; the convivial vibe feels reminiscent of a festive street party (with mince pies and mulled wine on tap at all times) Ever harboured a secret desire to take on Torvill and Dean? Manchester also boats an incredible ice rink this yuletide, complete with an ice village that showcases the phantasmagorical creations of some of the world’s leading ice sculptors (alongside an ice bar to slake your thirst!) The city certainly wears its heritage with pride; the sculptures featured all have a distinct link to the city, including Manchester’s worker bee emblem and a statue of a ‘votes for women’ badge that honours suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst.  Although the UK is a little more expensive than our other featured destinations, cities up North, such as Manchester, tend to offer good value for money. Plus the experience of wandering through a magical snow scene with a market the size of a small country is pretty much priceless!

Did You Know?
The city’s diversity extends well beyond the cuisine itself-over 200 different languages are spoken in Manchester-providing you the perfect opportunity to dust off your phrasebook, and get learning the lingo!

With UNESCO status, and a Medieval ambiance that remains unmatched, Tallinn needs no introduction: it is simply stunning. Charming, cobblestoned streets merge with an enviable café culture akin to Paris-but without the prohibitive prices. In terms of food, hearty staples are the order of the day; most establishments have a distinctly Medieval theme, making dining a memorable experience for all the right reasons. An atypical meal in these restaurants will set you back less than 10 euros in total, and will fill you up for the best part of the day as well. The festive season adds additional intrigue for visitors, with a quirky Christmas market that looks like something straight out of a fairytale-and provides the perfect opportunity for some last minute gift shopping for loved ones!

Did You Know?
Despite its urban location, Tallinn boasts beautiful Baltic beaches right on its doorstep! Additionally, other cities, such as Parnu, are also ideal for a beach break on a budget, with quirky shops and architectural marvels to make for a magically memorable experience.

Less well known than Prague, what Budapest lacks in notoriety it more than makes up for in terms of interest: this is a city where there truly is something for everyone. Great food, great culture…and not to mention the beer which the locals are rightly very proud of indeed!  Of course, after several hours pavement pounding in heels, your feet will probably be aching-at that point, you should head for one of the spectacular spas in the city where you can relax, unwind-and take in a little more history whilst you’re at. Each spa has a fascinating story to tell-if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could even head out on a ‘spa crawl’ and visit each one.  Come Christmas, the adorable trams that trundle the streets of the city are decked out in twinkling lights to create an authentic, festive experience that you’ll feel compelled to catch on camera.

Did You Know?
Budapest possesses the third largest Parliament building in the world-a staggering feat of architecture that is well worth a visit. For the best view, book a river cruise along the Danube-the sheer scale of the monument is truly breathtaking!

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Happy shopping and Happy Christmas
Love the Kameleon Rose team


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