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Make the most of your Ultimate Travel Dress, Be ready for anything this Season!

Posted by Leila Faddoul on

YAY! Autumn is here but holidays season is still open!!

Here at Kameleon Rose we have been busy, and we thought we would share with you some tips of how to make the most of your ultimate travel dress on your holidays.

So we have a few suggestions for you.



 If you are visiting a city you can easily get really overheated walking around. 

So if you wear the kameleon as a top you can move the buttons on the shoulders so you can expose more or less shoulder to catch a breath of fresh air ! Either pair with denim shorts or a little skirt and sandales. 



Visiting monuments or churches

 I have been refused entry to temples and churches in the past as i was not dress « appropriately « Usually you should cover your shoulders and legs and in some places even your hair.

To cover your shoulders you can button up the UTD all the way down your arms as a top. Like Arianne here, check her article for more info and tips 

Or you can wear as a poncho!


I recommend always bringing a sarong or large piece of fabric when you are travelling it has so many uses, here you can use it as a wrap around skirt to cover up your legs or on your head.


This is pretty easy, bikini/one piece with the Ultimate travel dress.

What’s pretty awesome is you can use Ultimate travel dress to get changed in and out of your bikini. Just put it on as the strapless dress and be ready to hit the beach.

Another style that is perfect for the beach is the flowy skirt with a vest top or your bikini top.


Going out

Something we often do on holiday is go straight from the beach and then out for a drink, that’s really easy with the ultimate travel dress. Either wear as a long mermaid skirt with a top or flip it and wear as the mini dress.

The UTD is double lined so you don’t even have the problem or showing your knicker or bikini line !



We love your pictures though girls even more than ours ! So please send them in to us. Do you have any other outfit suggestion or ideas to share with us ?


Lots of love from us x


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