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Trick or Treat?👀👻 Best Last Minute Halloween Costume Tips! 🎃

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With Halloween soon approaching, you might be wondering what to wear. Some of you might think that it is a very difficult task to find a good costume for Halloween, but let us tell you a few tricks, you don’t always need to spend a lot of time and effort for a good Halloween costume. We have picked a list of cool costume ideas for this Halloween. From scary ones to fun and easy, we are sure you will have fun wearing any of the below costumes. For those who need a last minute idea, we have got you covered. So let’s dress up!

Scary costumes - timeless Halloween classics

There are plenty of classic costumes to choose from for Halloween. You will be seeing some witches, zombies and grim reapers around this time of the year. To be honest, we all love these scary costumes, so if you like time tested, cool costumes why not try one of the below. 

Headless man costume 

This costume will definitely make everyone turn their heads. It is a simple costume but ideal if you are going for a spooky look. 

Get this costume at Amazon.

The Witch

We can’t imagine Halloween without witches, right? Show them what a charming witch you can be. 

Order the dress online.

Wednesday Addams

The Addams Family has been an inspiration for many Halloween costumes. Dressing up as Wednesday Addams is quite easy and won’t require much effort. You can either use your existing clothes to achieve the look or order a costume online.  

Order this costume here

Grim Reaper

Combine the Grim Reaper robe with a scary skull makeup or a mask for a timeless spooky costume.  

Various online stores sell this costume and you can find a few on Amazon.

Popular in 2019

It’s no secret that movies and pop culture influence a lot of party themes, costumes, and trends in general. This year the anticipated most popular costumes will be related to clowns, thanks to movies such as IT and Joker. 

There probably isn't a scarier clown than Pennywise, so the costume is perfect for Halloween.

You can order the costume online here.

Stranger Things

The hype is real when it comes to Netflix’s Stranger Things. Even popular clothing stores are selling branded merchandise worldwide. So, why not dress up like Eleven or one of her friends? 

You can find her costume online.
Or you might even find something similar in your wardrobe. 


You will find as many costumes for Joker as there are versions of him. Although most costumes are for men, there are a few made for women too. In fact, if you have a purple suit already, then all you need is a green wig, some makeup, and black or purple trousers or a skirt. 

Buy Joker costume here.

Harley Quinn 

This costume is still a popular choice for Halloween. If you like the lovely, crazy Harley Quinn, then try dressing up as her. You can get away with your normal clothes as a costume and a bit of hair dye and makeup. Or if you like you can order the full costume online. 

You can get Harley Quinn costume here

Last minute costume ideas 
Don’t have time to order any fancy costumes? Or perhaps don’t want to put a lot of effort into dressing up for the spooky night. We have selected a few last-minute ideas for you to try this Halloween.

Kameleon Rose Convertibe clothes

Kameleon Rose travel dress and travel pants are so versatile that you can even use them as a part of your costume, depending on the colour you have or want to buy. Black Ultimate Travel Pants are perfect for BatGirl costume, using some extra bits. Khaki Ultimate Travel Pants are perfect for a Green Lantern costume or pretty much anything else where green colour is required. The Red Ultimate Travel Dress can be worn as a cape so you could be a Red Riding Hood. We are sure that our clothing range can be used as part of many Halloween costumes. Show us what you can think of using #kameleonrose! If you do not have our clothing check it at .

Batgil Costume Idea

Green Lantern Costume Idea

Red Riding Hood Idea

Men in Black 

You can easily pull this one off, all you need is a set of black suit and dark sunglasses. Effortless look but still very cool and trendy.

Miss Universe 

Let all of them know that you are a true beauty. Miss universe costume is easy to make, all you need is a nice dress and some paper. 

Crawling Spiders 

Tattoo stickers are the perfect solution for last-minute situations. Put your favorite black dress on, some eyeliner and fake spider tattoos, and you are ready for a Halloween party. 

You can get these spiders here.

We hope you got an idea for a costume and that you will have a great time celebrating Halloween 2019!

Scary wishes,

From Leila & Kameleon Rose Team

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