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Win a new Kameleon Rose product by sending in your picture!

Posted by Jurate Giedraityte on

Heya Girls!
Hope you are well? We hope that you have all received your new Kameleon Rose item in your land and are ready for your next adventure!?
We are writing to you to tell you that you can win the 4way cap by sending us in pictures and video of you wearing your new item.
How to enter:

  1. Take 3 pictures. Ideas- wear in different ways in different scenes

  2. AND Send a video (max 60 seconds) ideas- can be walking/jumping in a unique place, or a review of you wearing or talking about the product, a boomerang or anything you want, go wild ;) !

  3. Please send the content either with wetransfer or email to

  • You will all win something yay! The top 3 win a free 4way cap,

  • All entries win a 50% discount voucher to use on any product you like.

What are we going to do with your pictures and videos?

We are going to show them off on our social media and maybe even our website. We will put them together and make collages and make a special video of you wonderful women from all around the world.

Why you should do it?

Firstly you will definitely win something. Secondly we need your help, we want to show real women rocking our products around the world where they are supposed to be. The first people Leila ever asked to test the Kameleon were the backpackers she met around the world. You girls are the soul of Kameleon Rose so we want to show you! Don’t worry about not having professional equipment the more authentic the better. And I know you may feel weird about sending in a video but it can really be anything at all it really brings the product alive and gets us to connect with you.
Please be aware by sending us in your photos and video we will become the owners of this content and be able to use it on all of Kameleon Rose’s platforms. You give us permission to edit and show the content as we at Kameleon Rose choose.
Please send the content either with wetransfer or email
We are SOOOO EXCITED about this!
Lots of Love
Leila and Jurate


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