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Best Christmas gifts for travellers list 2020!

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Just because we cannot travel yet, does not mean we do not wish to get travel gifts. Sure, traveling is not an option, but we can still offer travel-related gifts, so our loved ones will be 100% ready for upcoming adventures! We at Kameleon Rose have selected a unique gift list of our favourite travel items, which we love and hope you will enjoy it too!

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Travel Planner
It is a sentimental and beautiful gift, especially knowing that we have way more time than ever to plan our next trip!
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You can get it from Amazon

Lay N Go Cosmo Bag
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There is no other comfortable way of carrying your cosmetics and finding a desired lipstick or mascara straight away.

You can get it from LayNGo

Kameleon Rose 5 Way Cardigan

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This soft, lightweight, and multifunctional cardigan will be a fantastic gift not only for travel but also for daily life. It can be transformed into a sweater, a hoodie, and it has thumbholes and secret pockets!

You can Get it from KameleonRose

J Pillow
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If you do not find much comfort from traditional travel pillows, this one will be perfect for you! Neck and chin support for all kinds of travels!

You can get it from Amazon

Matador Pocket Blanket

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A tiny, lightweight blanket will take a little space and be a perfect companion for any pic-nic and hikes lover!

You can get it from Amazon

Pack-it Specter Cube
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This might be one of the most traditional travel essentials, but it saves space and keeps luggage tidy! We can never get enough space while we are traveling, can we?

You can get it from Amazon

Ethnique Solid Shampoo
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Usually, it is tough to fit all the liquid necessities into a 1-liter bag; solid shampoo, soap, conditioner, or even toothpaste are great solutions. Additionally, this shampoo is also eco-friendly!

You can get it from Amazon

Mosquito Repellent Bracelet
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This will be a perfect companion for anybody who loves tropical and exotic travel destinations. I have a set of these, and the smell lasts for years!

You can get it from Amazon

Waterproof Phone Case
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A waterproof phone case is necessary for an active and dynamic person. On my trip to Thailand, I even took pictures under the water using one of these - no water-leakage!

You can get it from Amazon

Mini First Aid Kit
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Keeping your loved ones safe during the travels is essential. This tiny aid kit can be a perfect socket filler!

You can get it from Amazon

Silicone Travel Bottles

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If solid washing items did not pursue you, there are always traditional travel bottles, where liquids can be carried with no leakage.

You can get it from Amazon

Hydrapak Softflask Water Bottle
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It is essential to be hydrated while travelling, and this bottle will use little space when it is not needed!

You can get it from Amazon

Allpa 35L Travel Pack
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Both beautiful and functional travel backpack which will serve for years for all kinds of travel-loving people.

You can get it from Cotopaxi

Ultimate Travel Pants

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These pants can do magic tricks! Haha, they can be transformed into a jumpsuit, blouse, t-shirt, or even a handbag - they can be used as 10 different outfits! If you are not big fan of Pants, there is a dress, which transforms into 20 outfits!

You can Get it from Kameleon Rose

We hope you love our travel gift list for 2020! Let us know by sharing it on your Instagram and tagging @KameleonRose

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