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Dear Friends and Customers, 

I am writing to you to share our sad news that Kameleon Rose will close down. We have tried very hard, I have done everything I could to keep the business afloat but unfortunately, the most contagious virus in the world took us out too. I just want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for your support, interactions, feedback and for making Kameleon Rose a brand that we can be truly proud of.

I started Kameleon Rose 9 years ago, little did I know that one impulsive idea would change my life and other peoples!
It has been a wild rollercoaster journey entering the clothing industry with no connections or experience, was no walk in the park.

I had to really start from scratch, I made a prototype and then convinced factories to believe in the product. I went around Europe for my first trip, 9 countries in 4 weeks cold calling shops talking my way in the door dealing with a lot of rejection. Then getting those golden moments closing a sale! There is nothing like the rush of closing a sale with a shop I discovered that I love selling J what I loved most was turning a sceptic into a believer, the look on people`s faces when they would watch the ultimate travel dress transform from a strapless dress to a halter was just magic!

That`s what Kameleon Rose was to me and so many customers a magical product.

It has been even more fulfilling to see the dress I dreamt up whilst backpacking around the southern hemisphere on thousands of women around the world. And not only that, the stories, the feedback the pictures. So many of you have shown us an incredible amount of love and support and I will always be grateful.

Kameleon Rose has taken us to so many places, retracing all the memories I can hardly believe I went to Singapore to collect the Red dot award for the ultimate travel pants, went to Lake Como Italy to get the A`design award for the Kameleon, Last Vegas for the product innovation award becoming friends with Rachel Grant a James bond girl, and the craziest of all going on Dragons Den on the BBC at 7 months pregnant and getting an offer of investment from Deborah Meaden!!

At this point I have to tell you about my family, I have been so lucky to have the most supportive parents who have been followed every step of Kameleon Rose and been my biggest cheerleaders! And my husband Rik who I met early on in this journey, he is also an entrepreneur running a social enterprise in Madagascar and we have shared the successes and trials always together!

Lastly, there is a very special woman my right-hand woman at Kameleon Rose her name is Jurate she has been such an incredible friend and colleague!

And thank you to all of you customers for being there and cheering us on!
We are now holding a 50% closing down sale to clear out our remaining stock we would appreciate your support in the sale in any way you can.

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