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Bring the Spring into your home with beautiful Easter decor!

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The wait is over, and Spring is finally here. More sunny spells and longer days call us to spend more time outside and enjoy the blooming nature. This time of the year brings us not only the sunny weather but also many celebrations, the most popular being Easter. So let’s get ready for this beautiful spring celebration. Kameleon Rose has hand-picked a few great ideas for home and your Easter table decor.
1. Blue and white a classic combination
For everyone looking for something unique, this year try a minimalistic yet stunning approach of blue and white Easter decor. We really liked the beautiful combination of these colours; you can pick a few tricks on how to style your Easter table this way. 
Easter decor, table blue and white decor

2. Decorate your house with flowers 

Spring without flowers is no Spring. And so the more flowers you have, the better. 
The idea of tulip wreath is wonderful. Otherwise, if you prefer to skip the outdoor decorations, then you will need a few lovely vases and a lot of flowers. Make them stand out on your Easter table by adding various colours and ribbons around the vase. Or, even better, plant the flowers in nice pots, they will bloom all spring and will be the centerpiece of any room. 
Easter decor, flower ring, flowers for easter

3. Decorations with bunnies

Bunnies and Easter go hand in hand, be it a chocolate bunny or a cute statue, you will want to have a few of them on your Easter table. There are a lot of choices when it comes to bunny decorations, but we at Kameleon Rose appreciated this practical bunny stand.
Easter decor, bunny plates, rabbit easter decor 2019

4. Feather tree

Trees are not only for Christmas. Tree branches decorated with colourful feathers will make your room stand out. Feather Easter trees are popular in Sweden, and there are many different variations of them, the best part is you can easily make one yourself. Here is the tutorial for paper feather tree with lovely pastel colours. 
DIY Easter decor, handmade decoration tree

5. Egg baskets

Catch everyone's attention by displaying eggs in an attractive tray or a basket. The basket full of eggs will be the centerpiece of the table. The simple wicker basket works wonders. If you would like something more unique, then have a look at handmade baskets or decorate it yourself by adding a few feathers or colours to it.

DIY Easter decor 2019, handmade decor for eggs , eggs basket

6. Bunny napkin rings

Add some cute elements to your Easter table with bunny ear napkin rings. This is the final touch to your Easter table. If you are feeling creative, you can even make bunny napkin rings yourself.
DIY Easter decor 2019, napkin ring for easter table

Once you have decorated the table with dyed eggs and blooming flowers, it’s time to bring the meal, gather the family around, and have a wonderful time together. Happy Easter!

Kameleon Rose team

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