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Pack like a boss! Travel essentials for women!

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Hello Ladies,

With the holiday soon approaching it is time to look at all those clothes and other things you have and decide what is really useful and what is better left at home. For example, those nice five pairs of shoes you would like to take with you… There are many packing tips and tricks out there, but Kameleon Rose would like to remind you, ladies of the top travel essentials, so you are all packed and ready for your next amazing adventure!

Bags, suitcases & backpacks

Depending on where you are going and for how long, you need a lightweight yet durable suitcase or a backpack. If your journey is from the airport and straight to the hotel or a hostel then you will be fine with a wheeled suitcase. However, if you are bound to travel a lot during your holiday, for example, going from one city to another by a train, then you will be better off with a backpack and a cross body bag. So we recommend taking one of these packing essentials:
● Lightweight but durable suitcase with wheels. If you are planning to stay in one place mostly during your holiday
● Travel backpack - great alternative to a suitcase if you need to travel a lot
● Cross-body bag - timeless travel essential, perfect for traveling while keeping your most important goods with you
● Wallet - you can also take a money belt with you instead.

packing for your holidays, travel clothing
A lot of people struggle to pack their clothes for a holiday, they either take too many or take the wrong ones. This issue is especially relevant to women because we just love to bring everything with us, don't we? Overcome this trouble by packing only the essential piece of clothing:
● A few, simple tank tops or t-shirts; they are easy to style with almost anything.
● 2 - 3 pairs of shorts if traveling to hot climates otherwise can skip this.
● A few skirts or dresses mid to long length; these are ideal for hot countries, and you can wear them for any parties or restaurants you attend.
● Leggings; all of our favorite go-to choice for most of the occasions.
● A pair of jeans; you can style them with pretty much anything, and it’s ideal for moderate weather countries.
● Kameleon Rose dress; this option is, without doubt, one of the best for traveling as you can use it as a dress, poncho, skirt and many more.
● 3 - 5 socks; better longer ones if you are planning on hiking.
● Flip-flops and/or sandals.
● Comfortable shoes such as running shoes or hiking boots; this is fundamental if you are planning on walking.
● Mid-rise heels for those nights out.
● A cozy hoodie for colder weather.
● A jacket if you are going somewhere below 20 degrees.
● 5 - 10 pairs of underwear.
● 2 bras.
● 1 set of PJ.
● Winter accessories such as gloves and a scarf if traveling somewhere very cold.

Makeup & Toiletriestravel make up essentials, travel light packing list
Some of us can’t imagine going anywhere without makeup, and that's fine. You can take it with you on holiday but keep it light and stick to the basics. Ideally, you should get a few travel bottles to pack the essential liquids such as shampoo in smaller containers to reduce the weight of the whole baggage. If you don’t need makeup while on holiday that’s great. You can take the toiletries with you instead. Also, make sure you don’t take nail polish with you, there are many occasions when it leaks or bursts from the tube.
Here are the items you should consider taking:
● Light foundation
● Application brush or a sponge for makeup
● Face-wash
● Moisturizer
● Shampoo
● Body wash or a soap
● Venus razors
● Travel size deodorant
● Toothbrush and toothpaste
● Mascara
● Small eyeshadow palette
● Eyeliner
● Lipstick or lip gloss
● Birth control pills (if you are using them)
● Ibuprofen or paracetamol for unexpected pain or if you feel like you are catching a cold.
● Nail file.
● Tweezers; in case those unruly eyebrows go wild.
● Hairpins and hair ties.
● A pack of tampons or pads or if you prefer, a menstrual cup is also a good choice.

travel essentials  for a blogger
For some, electronics are crucial. It seems we can’t imagine living without them even on holidays. Naturally, we have to take them with us when going on holiday. Just keep them safely packed and hidden when traveling. It’s worth getting travel insurance to cover any damages or losses. We at Kameleon Rose like to take various gadgets with us:
● A mobile phone: it goes without saying, almost the most important essential from the list.
● Portable battery charger: there won’t always be a socket where you can charge your phone so be prepared for it with a handy battery charger.
● A DSLR camera or a Go Pro camera: it is up to you if you need this or not, some people love to take high-quality pictures for their Instagram followers or just for themselves.
● A selfie stick for those who love selfies.

Other recommendations
electronic travel essentials
After you have selected the travel essentials you will take with you, there are few other useful goods you should consider. It is always good to be ready and make sure you are traveling safely.
So to keep you even more prepared for your travel don’t forget to take one or a few of the recommended things:
● A lock - the ones with code are a better choice than the ones with key, in case if you lose the key.
● Sunglasses - it is not only a stylish accessory, but it will be hard to travel without it if it’s sunny.
● Packing cubes - a convenient option which allows keeping everything separate when packed.
● Sarong - essential if you are going to the beach. Although, you can buy this when you arrive.
● Headphones.
● A Laptop - only if you are a blogger or need to work when traveling.
● Relevant socket adaptor - don’t worry if you don’t have one, you will also be able to buy it at the airport.
● Small travel hair dryer - check if the place where you will be staying has one or not.

Now that you have checked through our travel essentials list for women, we are sure that you will have a better idea of what to take with you. If you follow our short guide, you will be well prepared and stylish, yet avoiding overpacking. Enjoy your holiday!

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Psss, how many Kameleon Rose items can you spot in the suitcase?packing light with kameleon rose

Here is Jurate wearing the 5 Way Cardigan on her holidays!

Leila & Kameleon Rose team

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