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Simple Halloween Costume 2020

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Hey Girls,

This Halloween is like no other, and most of our plans were changed or canceled. Halloween is not an exception, and most of us will not leave the house on the day. However, it does not mean that all will be forgotten! We can still have a mini Halloween celebration in our homes or make a costume to cheer ourselves and our closest ones! There are a few easy and quick costumes which can mainly be created from clothes and things you have at home! Check our best Halloween costumes for 2020 below.

A Vampire

Vampire suit, vampire halloween inspiration, Halloween suit 2020
You can use some bright makeup for your face to make it pale and red lipstick and create a blood effect. Pick something dark from our wardrobe, preferably a dress/ cape, and you are sorted!

Scary Clown

Easy Halloween Costume, last minute Halloween suit, Sad clown costume

 You will have a bit of work with eyeliner making dark tears and enlarging your lips, matching with red lipstick/eyeshadows. Wear something dark from your wardrobe, a pair of jeans with a black top would look great. P.S. If you have The Ultimate Travel Pants, they will be a perfect jumpsuit for this look!

Skull from the past

Last minute Halloween costume idea, skull costume, skull make up for Halloween 2020
One of the most effortless looks you can make within minutes! Use black eyeliner and draw a nose hole, teeth, and even eyeholes if you feel so. Wear dark clothes, a leather jacket, and some metal jewelry would match great!

A Ghost

Ghost costume, Ghost suit for Halloween, last minute Halloween idea, Scary costume
Pick an old piece of sheet/table cloth, make two holes, or draw two dark ones, and you are done!

Minnie Mouse

Minnie mouse costume, halloween suit 2020, halloween costume 2020
If you do not want to look scary and prefer a cute look, you can always go with a kitty or mouse look. Maybe you have a hair hoop with ears to adapt to your suit? Otherwise, you can make ears from the paper and attach them to your hair.

A Joker

Joker Suit for her, Fast Halloween costume, easy Halloween suit, Halloween 2020
For this look, you need to create a pale face, some blue and red colouring for lips, and eyes make up. A yellow top and dark red jumpsuit/dress would complete this costume. However, if you want to go all-in, you can also colour your hair green.

A Witch

Halloween suit 2020, Easy Halloween costume, Halloween 2020 witch suit
It is one of the most traditional Halloween costumes, but it never goes out of style! Wear a long dark dress, simple makeup, and a witch hat. If you do not have a hat, you can craft one from paper.

Wednesday Addams

Simple Halloween Costume, Fast Halloween Suit, Wednesday Addams Halloween costume
Pick a dark dress or a sweater and wear a white colour or a shirt with white colour underneath. Make two braids and use dark lipstick, super easy, is not it?

All these costumes are simple to make, and you can find most of the accessories and clothes in your house while making your Halloween ready! While doing this post, I found a few fantastic costumes, and I thought they are worth appreciation; maybe some of you will take time to create any of these unique looks. If you do, please send us your picture to our social media or email; we want to see!

Merida from Brave

Beautiful Halloween costume 2020, Brave Costume 2020, Best Halloween suit


Harley Quinn

Harley Quiin Helloween Costume, Helloween costume 2020, Best Halloween suit 2020


Girl Fighter

Helloween Fighter suit, Easy suit 2020, Easy Halloween costume,


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Spooky wishes,

From Leila & Kameleon Rose Team

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