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10 Valentine’s Day present ideas for Him

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Hello ladies,

Are you ready for the day of love? Some of you might have started getting ready for it ages ago and some of you probably have only just remembered now that the celebration is just around the corner!

Don’t worry if you haven’t decided what present to buy for your beloved one yet. Kameleon Rose team, as always, goes above and beyond to help our readers and we have hand-picked a very sweet and interesting Valentine’s Day gifts for your partner.

With the famous lovers day soon approaching we will help you find the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. Surprise him and make him feel like the most loved person on earth with a gift which will show how much you care. There is a variety of cute presents to choose from and we hope you will find the one to make the most out of it. 

valentine day gift,  gift for your love
  1. Let’s fool around! A game for couples
This one is a cheeky present yet it is a perfect choice if you would like to have some fun on Valentine’s Day. Also, you can play this game again and again at any time! Just roll the dice and find out what sexy and fun move you will have to make next. We are sure that this game will bring lots of fun and laughter into your relationship. 
£6.99 at Getting Personal
Valentine gift , DIY gift for valentines day
  1. Treat him with sweets. Fizzy Haribo sweet tree.
If your partner loves everything what’s sweet and especially Haribo, he will love this present. This gift is made out of tongue-tingling Fizzy Haribo sweets and they can be plucked off one by one from the tree. This present looks unique yet sweet, so it’s an ideal choice if you are looking for a simple gift with an interesting twist. What’s more, you can choose a personalised message for the vase.  A cute message and a bunch of sweets, you can’t go wrong with this Valentine’s Day present.
£19.99 at Find me a gift
valentines day gift for him Personalised whisky tumbler
  1. Pour that whiskey in style. Personalised whisky tumbler
For all whisky connoisseurs out there, this present is a wonderful choice. If your partner enjoys a glass of whisky now and then, then ensure that he drinks it in style with this personalised, sleek whiskey glass. You can think of a sweet message which will be engraved on the glass so that he will always remember you and smile whenever he reads that cute message.
£9.99 at Prezzy Box
unique valentines day gift  for him Personalised beard grooming kit
  1. A fine gift for a fine beard. Personalised beard grooming kit
November or so-called No-shave November is over and yet your man still has a beard? Then he is a modern beardsman who takes great pride in his beard. Help him style it and look after it with a personalise beard grooming kit.  This wooden grooming kit includes all the necessities and more. Surprise him with such a great gift and add a personal touch to it by leaving a cute, engraved message on the box. A perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a guy with a beard. 
£42.00 at Mobros
Valentine gift for him - Gift idea for travellers. 1-2 nights camping break for two UK wide.
  1. Gift idea for travellers. 1-2 nights camping break for two UK wide.
If you would like a present which lets you and your partner get away from everyone and enjoy each other’s company in a beautiful cabin in nature, then consider this little retreat. You will be surrounded by lakes, trees and stay far away from busy city life. It’s the perfect hideout to relax and enjoy the time with your lover. It gives you an opportunity for a romantic date, conversation, and some fun. You can talk about all the sweet memories that you two share, and create some more while staying at this lovely hideout. We are sure that both of you will remember such Valentine’s present for a long time.
From £55 at Prezzy Box
Valentines Day gift for him Find new ways to have fun. A book for new adventures.
  1. Find new ways to have fun. A book for new adventures.
If your partner loves reading consider buying a book for this Valentine’s Day. We think that this book, in particular, is a great choice. First of all “Try Something New: 100 Fun & Creative Ways to Spend Time Together” includes many new and interesting ways to shake up your routine and try new things out. Secondly, it encourages you to be creative and spend more time with your loved one. This is a great gift which can bring a lot of new adventures into your life without spending a fortune.
$14.98 at Amazon
Valentine day surprise for him Heart shaped pancakes
  1. Heart shaped pancakes
As the saying goes: the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. If your partner loves your cooking then he will love pancakes for breakfast. Sometimes the simple surprise such as breakfast for your lover is enough to be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. To make it more special and Valentine’s Day themed use a heart-shaped mould for making the perfectly cute, heart-shaped pancakes.
From £5.99 at Amazon
Valentines day gift surprise Pasta cooking class experience in Rome
  1. Pasta cooking class experience in Rome
Rome is a beautiful city everyone should visit at least once and travelling there would be an amazing present for both. There is a lot of sightseeing to do and will take some time to visit all the famous places, but if you are also looking for an interesting and unique activity for Valentine’s Day try pasta cooking class experience. Learn how to make pasta like a pro! Who knows, maybe you will like it so much that you will continue making your own pasta even when at home.
From £52.53 at Trip Advisor
romantic gift for him -  A leather bracelet with a hidden message
  1. A leather bracelet with a hidden message
A leather bracelet never goes out of fashion so it’s a safe bet if you are looking for a simple classic Valentine’s Day present. There are many different styles to choose from to ensure that it suits your partner’s style. Make it more personal by adding an engraved message on the reverse side of the bracelet. Due to the fact that the text is on the reverse side you can think of a very personal and sexy message and only your partner and you will know about it.
From £22.11 at Etsy
Valentines day gift for him  - Name the star after them. Lovers' Name a Star Gift
  1. Name the star after them. Lovers' Name a Star Gift
Would you like to surprise your partner with a very unique and everlasting present? Then why not name a star after them? Even better, this package allows you to name two neighbouring stars. Such present is truly not your common gift but, surely, the one to be remembered for many years to come. So make your love written in the stars!
£22.99 at I Just Love It


In the end, what matters is being surrounded by the people you love and the lovely moments you share. So love and be loved, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kameleon Rose team

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