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Change a life, like you change your dress!

Imagine you had never seen the sea, this is the case for many children in Madagascar.

At Kameleon Rose we believe every child has the right to travel.

You can make that happen!

You buy one Ultimate Travel Dress and You send one child on an adventure!

How does it work?
- Go to our  shop  at checkout enter your discount code DONATE this ensures that your purchase is used to pay for one child's trip.

Join us to bring the joy of travel that we all love to these wonderful children.

Further information:

We are working with the Charity Ankisy Gasy Children of Madagascar.
The children live in the Capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo and are already being supported to attend school and pay school fees. This trip will be to the East coast of Madagascar to a place called Mahajanga. We will send you pictures and videos of the children you have supported after their trip.

We would love to be able to extend this programme in the future and take more and more children on adventures. Please help us by joining us to spread the word!

Thank You!


Here is a few pictures from Ankisy Gasy from our previous projects.